Region: Samudra


22 Salmen.


I'll never let go, Jack.
Only Just a Bad Dream
Maybe the ending of Glitch was just a bad dream. A dream that we'll eventually wake up from and when we do wake up, Glitch'll be here for uss. Waiting, hoping that we didn't let go of all that little details (as so happens a lot in dreams).
Yes you will.
After you let me freeze in the water because you couldn't share that obviously big enough for two people plank of wood you were on.... <__<
I'm glad you're with me at The End of All Ur
I've gotten to do so many things! I just wish we had more time. There are so many more things I still want to do. This game is amazing. I will miss it a lot. THANK YOU to the people who first Imagined it, and THANK YOU to each person who added to it from your own bright, creative, terrifying, hilarious, and beautiful Imaginations.
There is a serenity that comes with the impending end, isn't there? Can't you feel it? Behind all the fear and sadness. Behind the longing for just one more second. Simply knowing the end is upon onself makes each and every second more profound and filled in with beauty than ever before. I'm grateful to have had this experience. This place has taught me much about what is important and what is not. May you always have wonder and curiousity in your life.
Don't Judge Meeeeee!
I have fat arms and I was too tired to pull you up. :'c (
Goodbye fellow Glitchens, I shall miss this wonderful world of Ur.