Candy Cane Lane

Region: Drifa


A Hardware Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Friendly., and Plus 7 Ice Nubbins, and 2 Bubble Trees.


Carella's Dying Place
If I had to die anywhere, this would be it. It's nice and snowy and it vaguely reminds me of a scene of a Tim Burton movie (my favorite one as a matter of fact). So, this is it I guess. The end of the world. I shall be here, waiting. Until the end.
What will become of my dear Ur?
What will the end bring us then?
The worst is just around the bend...

Sleep well, dear Friend!
May you forever live on through the spirit of Friendly! Wear your badge with honour.
We come to an end
In the end it's love
These fragments I have shored...
...against my ruins.My name was Scoresby. I lived and worked under the Cebarkul sun, a spice merchant turned servant turned private detective turned wanderer. On the day the world ended I journeyed north, to beyond the Giants' wildest dreams, to beat back the darkness of the Rook from even the corners of their waking minds.Remember me.
The beginning is near!
Begin to take a deep breath, now let it out, and realize that we can take this magic with us. Scary, huh?

The connections we feel here we can spread into the world. It's scary, reaching out, risking ourselves, but sometimes, sometimes people reach back. And then, connection. And sometimes the connections fade or die, but that's okay, too. The world is more than just the sum of give and take. The world is also story and love and honesty and beauty. Let the world beyond your screen be as beautiful as this one has been to you.

Wake up with the Giants, let the world tell you secrets, and tell some of your own.

Here is my reaching out... merely an hour from the end, maybe someone will want to reach out, here in this luminous place, with a silly forehorseman dancing in place: jf.sycamore on gmail.
i don't ever want to forget this game
what it tried to be and what it was and what it did
it was beautiful
and I always want to remember it, and I will always try to
I love it here
I love it so much