Bonelington Hole

Region: Groddle Meadow


A Produce Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Cosma., and Plus 1 Dirt Pile, and 2 Egg Plants.

Unlocked by

Mina Ozu Hburger and 27 others

This location was unlocked 780 days ago.


The Machinist?s Cookbook
So, you're a Machinist, or would like to become one? That's great, so am I! I put together this little tract as a quick reference guide for all of the recipes used to make things with Blockmakers, Fuelmakers, Woodworkers and Metal Machines. I hope it is as helpful for you as it is for me. --Grem

Urth Block Basics:
1 Heavy Gas
2 lumps of Loam
5 lumps of Earth

Fuel Cell Formula:
2 White Gas
8 blocks of Peat
12 clumps of Jellisac

The Woodworker Continuum:
4 Planks -> 1 Board
4 Boards -> 1 Wood Post
4 Wood Posts -> 1 Beam

Metal Machine Mathematicals:
2 Plain Metal Ingots + 3 Tin Ingots = 1 Metal Rod
2 Copper Ingots + 3 Tin Ingots = 1 Metal Bar
8 Molybdenum Ingots + 12 Plain Metal Ingots = 1 Girder

First Edition, Year 23, No. 54