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Kanva Ria

Region: Jal


26 Salmen.


A note!
Farwell, sweet Glitch.

Love to all,
Goodbyes are always difficult
Of all the places in the world, glitch was the place I was happiest. Thanks for all the good times, dear friend. Ro
These final hours.
In these moments before the end, before the darkness, I find myself admiring every digital brushstroke, every word of flavor text, savoring them as if I could store every nuance in my mind like sunbeams after a rain. Watching the global chat scroll past, goodbyes and plans of wakes streaming by, I am struck by how little I participated myself. If I had it to do again, I would have listened more, would have talked more, would have spent less time hiding behind the screen, fearing for sounding like an idiot. I would have sounded like an idiot anyway, but it would have been okay. I'll take that back into the world beyond the screen: speak up, risk myself, because sometimes people reach back and there is beauty in both the risk and the reach. Farewell, friends I never met, even those I'll never talk to before this world walks away. Take care with yourself. Seven billion people on the planet, and we're all just as alien to each other as we can be. unique is good; connection is better.
I lobe you all. So much.
It's time for me to go, off into the world where the Giants dare not imagine. I've added flickr/twitter/tumblr info on my profile so if you find this before The End and want to keep up with one who once imagined with you, please do. I lobe you all. Good night.
Allons-y :'(..... I don't want to go :''(