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Brhaspati Bay | Locations | Glitch

Brhaspati Bay

Region: Jal


18 Salmen.


It was a good game
Bye 2 u 2
Good Bye to you too and yes it was a good game and it was just getting better more and more people were joining :(
A note!
Bye bye Glitch. I really enjoyed spending time in your imagination. I willl miss this. Birken
Oh Glitch, it took me so long to realize all of your amazing places and quirks. So much left to do, so much will never be done. It will be okay though! Everyone has documented the amazingness so well no one will ever really forget Glitch.
I'll miss this game sooo much ! Thank you Tiny Speck team once more...i hope i can see your amazing imagination in another game soon ! <3
byebye miss u all
I'm afraid!
And I'm lost.
A farewell.
This word was one of the greatest forms of escapism I have ever encountered. Sadly I don't think I have spent as much time here was I would have wanted to. I hope it will come back to life again eventually, but until then, I will miss you so much, Glitch. :c
Goodbye everybody
I'm so sad this game didn't make it. Maybe it can be reborn someday . . . good luck to everyone at Tiny Speck, and all the players too.