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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #21

You can see numbers of online player in somewhere on screen.
I think we can set a standard of something using it.

for example

+ Enjoy new record of total numbers of "online" player. it's like a film of social network. (They celebrated when total user account numbers was 1 million over.)
+ The moment total numbers of online players was over XXXXXX, all online player can get xp.
+ Congratulations! You are just the XXXXth (1000, 7777, 12345, etc etc) online player. then you get xp.

Quick Idea #22

I'd like to choose wardrobe from saved one, in game.
it may need to new function which select own avatar. [1]

And then, you can all change wardrobe and vanity in your house.

This is rough sketch.
it's better if could use common design between wardrobe and vanity.

Quick Idea #23

You can see Mr.stone's prophecy of the future once a week.
Prophecy of the future are ideas which will realize in game near future.

The ideas are said like a prophecy by Mr.stone.

e.g. in case of Game of Crown.
- Giants said.....The..power struggle will....occur between all kings.....

Quick Idea #24

This might be similar to quick idea 1. [1]
Show the map on the load screen. it will helps you know where you are.

it might be better you can see trail on this map.
but loading time might be get longer.

Anyway, I think we can design fancy loading screen more.

Quick Idea #25

You can make baby powder by using beaker.
and then you can become baby.

Baby is invincible.
But baby can't jump and climb ladder.
Baby can only crawl, slowly.

that's all :)

Quick Idea #26

There is already timeline. But I hope more long term one.
it helps to share future view of Glitch with new staff.

And we have a lot of idea which should realized.
I think we should know appropriate timing and priority.

Put it on easy access and conspicuous place.
And it should be link to Timeline or Priorities list.

Quick Idea #27

This is idea for improve UI.


Quick Idea #28

Concept of window of interact and choose.
For certainly, such a work is role of Brendan. yes I know.
But, I'm sorry, I did. But, this is just concept!

I'd like to melt windows and UI into Glitch world or background. (to a recognizable degree)
Therefore, I tried to don't hide background by window as possible.

Quick Idea #29

The rough ideas for Glitch Run.



3.not straight

4.climb a indiana katamari jones a super mario

And you can run faster. :)

Quick Idea #30

Custom costume for Mr Stone.