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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #31

When I am playing Glitch, I think that I want to make fruits juice, fried egg and other stuff sometimes.
Therefore it might be interesting if we could get actual goods from vendor to make it at actual world.
The purchased stuff will deliver by UPS or Fedex. :)

Quick Idea #32

I want mushroom as new trants.
you can harvest fungi from it and make new powder from fungi using beaker.
The new powder must be given psychedelic effect to avatar. :)

Quick Idea #33

The windmill tree.
you can harvest nuts of electricity from it and charge a storage battery.

I think you can use battery to any stuff.

For example, it use into flashlight.
It will helps you when visited dark location until battery is dead.

Quick Idea #34

This indicator design is not lovely. it is looks a machine.
So i tried to redesign. how about these?

Quick Idea #35

Concept of fishing game.

I'd like river or lake. Because everybody likes fishing!
you can buy a fishing rod from vendor.

You can play fishing game like a rhythm game.
Therefore we need so many fishing music.:)

Enter the key in the opposite direction of fish shadow.
It might be a bit difficult. And it need to explanation before start a fishing.

The tempo change sometimes.
- when you met rare fish?
- when getting closer to finish?

You have to enter RETURN key when you get fish.

You can get "not fish stuff" sometimes.

The river map.
There are various fishes in various locations.

The lake map.
We need a ship in lake.

lake location.

Quick Idea #36

About footprints.
You might be feel existence of other players and time if there are footprints.
But I think footprints is hard task for graphics processing.

Therefore, saving footprints plan.
But I think it will makes you fun to jump.
And that is Great if you got sound effect when jump up and landing.

There are some variations by shoes.

Quick Idea #37

Why is "Quest log window" different design?
That worries me sometimes.

This is an integrate window idea.

i want to see information of skills on this window.

Quick Idea #38

This is idea for map.
The name of location where you have never been is translucent.
You can see clearly after you came there. i think it will be motivation for go to various location.

Quick Idea #39

About Item box.

About position.

About animation.

About design.

Quick Idea #40

If you did login from "", you can see magic Diamond. :)