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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #41

The head be getting bigger whenever you eat something food.

What's food?

Quick Idea #42

Plan A

The idea for bag tab.
"+ mark" put left corner on inventory box.Therefore it can be keep width of inventory box.
it might be mouse movement will reduce than now.

Plan B

This is an aggressive suggestion.

You can see some inventory boxes on game screen.
it might be mouse movement will more reduce.

If put search box, you can see search result on game screen be like a launchpad (mac osx lion).
it looks so noisy :)

Plan of tools as bag

There are three layers. it looks a bit complicated. But it's not bad.

"Layer of tools as bag" can see on game screen.

Quick Idea #43

I could get butterfly milk without lotion suddenly.
Perhaps it's a effect of skill. But I didn't know effect of skill because I had never read describe about each skills.
So I wondered about it.

And I forget sometimes what did I learn. Because we can learn almost all skills by just waiting.

Therefore I want to know about what kind of skill did I get when I finished learn and what can I do by using new skill, in game.
I think that it needs a illustration for explain.
like this.

Quick Idea #44

I want to make surprise player.

This is new quest idea.
Sometimes, avatar has food head when you did login.
Giants will makes mistake sometimes because there are many players.
So player have to look for their original head.

Where is original head?

- Plan A

Salmon is at river, meat is...I have no idea.

- Plan B
Eat same food which is your head.

Quick Idea #45

You can jump higher by using trampoline.

Trampoline can put everywhere.
Therefore you can build continuance trampoline with other players.

The owner of trampoline only can move or pick up their one. Other player can't it.

Quick Idea #46

Tribute for Jack and the beanstalk.

Put a Jack's beanstalk, and give it water, then beanstalk grows.

Beanstalk will return to "bean" after about 1 minute.
it's a temporary fun.

Quick Idea #47

I want to know whether I have gotten already it when I bought from vendor.

Quick Idea #48

decorate background for annual event.

Quick Idea #49

The picture will might be inferior,
but I want to zoom in as possible when using camera.

↑ it might be not notice to inferior picture.
But it's not suited for when you take a picture.

Quick Idea #50

Flash is "maybe" works in browser of PS VITA. It's interesting if it so.
This might be good opportunity which a lot of game people touch to glitch.

But i guess SCEI will reject a playing browser game :(
Because they can't get money from it.

But But it's interesting.