Growing and harvesting in real life as well as in glitch.


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A note!
Dear Abby- The scripts are a terrific idea! How thoughtful.

Dear Arabesque:
I like this room! It is different from any others I have come across.
Happy star gazing!

Dear GamerRed:
How nice to bump into you today! Have fun- Ethelind
Dear gizzy-
What an imaginative tower! I admire your decorative skills-
Dear L. Bacon-o;
What an interesting place your tower is!
Dear Osiris X:
What an interesting, angst-ridden place.
You must be a teenager!
There is so much light and joy to be found and lived in,
May you find those in your journey!
Good Bye, Osiris X!
May you seek the One in RL who can and will help you to a place of greater contentment and happiness! You have gifts. Use them for good! E
A note!
Dear tuqui-

What a nice tower. You have a theme! As usual, your decorating skills are in evidence!
Thank you for visiting the other day. It was nice to chat a bit.
Your glitchy friend- Ethelind
Thank you! I shall miss you Ur, Glitchen, and all the vivid vast cast of imaginings.