Saint Fnordius

(Saint Fnordius)

An American living in Munich, Germany. Not a cabbage.


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Last moments in Ur. Goodnight all!

Saint Fnordius

And so it ended. At least in this form.


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A rememberance.
It was a short, strange, trip, but I do not regret it at all.

- Saint Fnordius
Thank you
And so a wonderful bit of imagination comes to a bittersweet end. Many lives were touched, new friendships formed, and a wonderful communal work of art was enjoyed by many.

I know of no one who has said Glitch was ugly, or deserved its fate. Even those who said it was a doomed concept and not a game for them said it was beautiful, quirky.

Thank you for the memories, and keep the faith. This world that eleven giants imagined will live on in untold other imaginations.