Here's me in a nutshell: purple, programming, drawing, animation, pasta, tinkering, endless learning, and happiness. Got it? Awesome. ^-^


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Thank you, Tiny Speck.
To paraphrase classic knowledge, nothing lasts forever, and all good things must come to an end.

I thought this good thing would last much longer, but I've been wrong before.

From the day I got my beta invite, to the sweet lullaby of Goodnight Groddle when the testing periods ended, to the Great Reset, to the launch and unlaunch, to the iMG conversion, to the housing overhaul, and every little event and change sprinkled love for this game grew and grew and GREW!

There's something to be said for knowing when the end is. With that particular uncertainty out the window, more important things can be focused on: exploration, laughter, creativity, community, and countless other graces.

However, when the game closes for the final time and the Giants wake up from their slumber, I won't be crying. This chapter was worth every moment, and I'm eternally grateful that your brilliant minds saw fit to bestow such a gift upon all the Glitchen.

Thank you for everything.