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Last-ditch & a long-shot idea to bring Ur back to life: I am seriously thinking of using one of the online petition/pledge websites like Twibbon, etc., to ask Glitchen & possible Glitchen-to-be to sign up and pledge to be a paid subscriber of Glitch if it does reopens. 50k players to break even, more would ensure survival. A dream maybe, but I'd rather try than not knowing if it will work. Are you in, my friends?

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It was not really a money thing. If you read the statement of why it closed. There was not enough interest to justify keeping it going. PLUS it's a flash game and even though there are many of those, flash is on its way out. So its entire platform will be obsolete at some point. I'd love to see the game back as well, but it was made very clear it was not purely a money thing why it was closing.

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  1. Hellyeah

    I take your reply as a no. Thanks!

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Dizzy was here
^^ I was here :P
Sad to see this wonderful amazing crazy game go, but I had the best year and half wandering around in the imagination of 11 giants!
I wish you all the best for the future!