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Fireflies & Barnacles HRR curator. Proprietrix of Big Al's Cheese Easy & Bog Bin. Imagined 36457th, on the 6th of Widdershins, Year 16.


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Aleph Zero

I still miss this game and this place. The amazing beauty and creativity and dorky humour of both the developers and the players will always be special to me. I will always remember Glitch as a beacon of joy. And piggy plops XD

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I think we need a link for Wander.

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Status update
Aleph Zero

I'm so glad I saw you post this! Did you see: "Scarf in reply to Minkey It is kinda hard to find." I'll be waiting for beta, but I just signed up & downloaded an alpha version for fun.

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  1. kastlin

    And now I'm signed up for testing!

  2. Minkey

    I want to sign up too, I just haven't gotten to it yet...tomorrow, tomorrow


Yo boyeeee!
Want some furniture? I can make ya some. Hope the lag isn't too crippling for you. Tried calling your place but you weren't home (6/3 4pm-ish). Talk to me baby.

I hope you remember who I am after all this time. Enjoy your meat smoothie. It will make you happy.