Only Just a Bad Dream
Maybe the ending of Glitch was just a bad dream. A dream that we'll eventually wake up from and when we do wake up, Glitch'll be here for uss. Waiting, hoping that we didn't let go of all that little details (as so happens a lot in dreams).
Carella's Dying Place
If I had to die anywhere, this would be it. It's nice and snowy and it vaguely reminds me of a scene of a Tim Burton movie (my favorite one as a matter of fact). So, this is it I guess. The end of the world. I shall be here, waiting. Until the end.
What will become of my dear Ur?
What will the end bring us then?
The worst is just around the bend...

What a Wonderful World
I see cherry trees
Pink Piggies too
We watched them go
Just me and you
And I think to myself....
What a wonderful world
I'll miss you glitch.
This is What People do Right?
Well, Glitch is almost over and it's time to say goodbye. So here it is. This is my goodbye note. This is what people do right? Leave notes?
It Was a Very Good Year
For Glitch blooded folk of Imagenative means
We'd Imagine great things
Our iMG would fly
In the Year 25