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Happy Valentine's Day, Glitch! You are loved.

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Coral Shark

Hello glitch. Before the site shuts down I just. Want you to know I love you guys.

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  1. Coral Shark

    I don't know, but they said around the new year right?

  2. Nelnah Fish

    Not for a long time, hopefully! Have you already seen this? www.glitch.com/forum/genera...

Status update

I keep checking this, hoping to see people talking. Hello, Glitch!

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  1. Pitti Sing

    I know what you mean, Kanamine. I am doing the same thing.


Goodbye, street
Let us all go on a Purple Voyage
just once more or a million times before the end
To Stoot and Friends
This has been an amazing game with one of the best community and player bases in any game. A game based on kindness and quirky generosity. Though it is coming to an end, and it is a sad thing, I (and likely many Glitchens) thank you and the staff for all of your hard work in making this place a literal rainbow of joy.

I have so many friends who also enjoy this game and will miss it. Your dream and your work has not been in vain! We'll all carry a piece of it with us long after the Giants have woken up. Nothing is really dead as long as it's remembered.

Pour one out for yourselves and look forward to the future.

From the bottom of my heart,
You are not small at all, Speck.

All of our love.

Leave Glitch a note!
and take a memory with you
Leaving so soon?
Take care!

And see you later.
A quiet tragedy.
It's sad. :(