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The Tragedy of Eadmund pt.1
Merlin, during the time of Uther Pendragon, occasionally would leave his lord?s side to travel and read the future in a crystal lake hidden in a wood. It was here he learned of the secret way to move large stones as though they were pebbles, and of his future at the side of the Once and Future King. During one trip, Merlin was struck by the sight of the most beauteous of ladies sitting at the side of the path. ?Please do not pass by without question,? she spoke softly when Merlin was near, ?for I am in grave peril? Merlin replied with courtesy, ?My lady, God smiles on me and my methods, and I will do anything in my power to help you, but tell me of who or what is putting you in such a danger as I see no threatening thing or person near.?
The Tragedy of Eadmund pt.2
?Oh Merlin,? she began, ?I have been told of your travels along this path, and you alone among mortals have the power to help me. I have waited here for many days in the hope you would come. I will tell you of my tragedy and why I need your help. One year ago, on this day, A giant destroyed my village. He was more terrifying than any animal on this earth and my husband was killed protecting me. The giant picked him up and began to gnaw on his body in front of me, laughing through red froth. I could not stand the sight and fell into a stupor, not waking until the cold of night chilled my skin. Before I fell to the ground I heard the terrible creature speak, telling me that it would return in a year to kill me wherever I was. When I awoke the beast was gone and I was left surrounded by the dead. As no sword could pierce the monster?s skin, I understood only magic could destroy it, and so I searched and waited for you.?
The Tragedy of Eadmund pt.3
Merlin listened to her completely, but replied in a regretful tone, ?Alas magic has no place against such a beast, as a son of Cain, only God?s will can fight such a creature. I will take you to a glade that only I and the Lord know of, there we will see how the monster can be destroyed. As no doubt the beast will come at nightfall we must move quickly, you will see now that as long as you hold my hand each step will be as a hundred, in this way we will find the crystal lake in our sight in moments.? The lady stood up and grasped Merlin?s hand, and as he had said, they shortly found themselves at the wood of the crystal lake.
But as soon as the lady glimpsed the pristine waters of the lake a transformation occurred, her skin changed from a pale white to a mottled black and gray. She began to grow in size, some parts of her body more rapidly than others. In a short period of time Merlin?s hand was being crushed by a hulking he-giant.

The Tragedy of Eadmund pt.4
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