Existential Doubt



Will you leave something? Will you take something? What will you do to earn it?

Think carefully.
a story
"There were formerly a king and a queen, who were so sorry that they had no children; so sorry that it cannot be expressed. They went to all the waters in the world; vows, pilgrimages, all ways were tried, and all to no purpose.

At last, however, the Queen had a daughter. There was a very fine christening; and the Princess had for her god-mothers all the fairies they could find in the whole kingdom (they found seven), that every one of them might give her a gift, as was the custom of fairies in those days. By this means the Princess had all the perfections imaginable."
Drink me.
hey wait
flynn they're not even going to understand you if you talk like that
flynn /i'm/ not going to understand you if you talk like that

(i didn't)
thank you
Thanks for everything, Stoot and the TS team.
to a game with a beautiful soul.
thanks again
you have created something worthwhile - even those of you who've only played for a short time.
i don't know what else to write
i've written so many notes about the end of glitch, and they're all inadequate. thank you for everything.