Status update

Hurm. Thinking about Glitch tonight. Just passing through and seeing what's still here.

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I can lie down and sleep here. Deep in the ground. No one will notice me....

Status update

Made my last shrine donations...now roughly equal in donating to all of the Giants. Now just wandering Ur and revisiting memories...*sob*

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Status update

Well, played with the new recipies and got another badge, too. Took some snaps of places I wanted to remember. I'll be back tomorrow for the end. 'Night all.

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Did you find me?
I hope you did. One of the great things I like about Glitch are the hidey-holes where you can find the best stuff! All I have on me is some food, though. I'll miss this place.
2nd of Candy
Sleep was fitful and interrupted from time to time. The table is easier to sleep on--along with the spare paper and sheaves of grain when I can take them from the chickens that are on the floor.

People come to this floor from time to time and the bell ringing wakes me up. It also causes the chickens to flit about. I miss my home--being evicted still weights heavily on my mind. If only one of the many pigs, that Bortola is known for, could make their way here.

I miss the taste of bacon.
A scribbled note....
So little time and so many papers to file. So many mysteries to solve. So many places to see. So many doors to try. So many chickens to squeeze. An if not chickens, then piggies or even the butterflies.

Butterflies used to fly in and out of this cell. One could live on butterfly milk and read more of the many, many pages here--or guess at what they might contain.

I shall miss every part of this world. I shall even miss this little cell.

Farewell Ur. Farewell my friends. Farewell Glitch.
Shrines 'R' Us
Come see one Glitch's attempt to devote his Tower to the worship of the Giants that have made Ur what it is. Not all shrines are complete yet but you are welcome to come look and, perhaps, suggest additional ways that the Shrine can be enhanced.
Goodbye, Glitch...I will miss you.
Glitch was truly special among MMPORGs. It was creative, beautiful, ingenious, fun and silly all at once. It's rare to find that, anywhere.

I will miss the simple pleasurse of bean collection, hi-fiving random passers-by, walking through mysterious doors, standing on beautiful vistas, harvesting salmon and pork, cooking--oh, how I will miss the cooking. And the casual friendliness of everyone here is part of what made this a special place, too.

Farewell, Glitch. I fear I doubt I will never see your like, again.
Help, help!
I'm being chased by a sloooow Juju Bandit!