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If you are on the .us server, I am there as bludwaggie. Would move to .com, but the game is soooo sloooooowww I don't think I have the patience for another account. graphics are nice (but not as wonderful as Ur). there are two other glitchen in my village right now: calackjack and robin52, and I also found puffsnow in another village. I know there are some more of us there, but haven't connected yet.

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  1. bludwaggie and Trying to locate glitchen there, but can only search the server you are playing on. It's a nice enough game, but moves sorta slow. I like that you can have a dragon--but you can't pet them. :-(

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Heaven a beautiful place in my eyes xoxo


RIP KREMIT XOXO <# Waffle Hearts too you!!

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Bye 2 u 2
Good Bye to you too and yes it was a good game and it was just getting better more and more people were joining :(
The End of Fun
Glitchen you too shall be miss. The End of Fun is coming too. Enjoy each other and always dream of Glitch maybe it will come back soon with all of our dreams.
A note!
I stepped here too