(James, Edinburgh)

24 year old Physics graduate, always looking for new adventures and worlds to be lost in. Glitch is ideal for me then.


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A spot I hadn't been to for 397 days... wow.

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Well, I'll just leave these here I guess...


Well, that's my potion and essence collection. Maybe you can have a little fun with it before the end.

Peace. :)
Figured I'd just leave these here. I specialised in making crystals for a long time on Glitch, I don't know why, I just thought they might come in useful someday. Also, they are pretty. More than 200 are just laying here now... I always thought I'd have forever to use them and to explore or make more friends or whatever... I put off doing things because I assumed the world wouldn't end. How wrong I was. Goodbye, Glitch, you have brightened many a dull day.