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Greetings and salutations and all that rot.


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For Urse
I love you!

Got my quill and I can write stuff now.
Stew Collection
1 bag: 40 Stews (12 slots)
800 Beans (4 slots)
80 Meats (2 slots)
80 Cabbages (1 slot)
80 Parsnips (1 slot)
120 Potatoes (2 slots)
80 onions (1 slot)
120 Allspice or 40 Saffron (1 slot)

2 bags: 120 stews (30 slots)
2400 Beans (10 slots)
240 Meats (4 slots)
240 cabbages (3 slots)
240 parsnips (3 slots)
360 potatoes (5 slots)
240 Onions (3 slots)
360 Allspice (2 slots) or 120 Saffron (1 slot, I think)
So long, farewell....
In my life, only 3 games have ever kept my attention for longer than a week or two before getting sick of them: Civilization, Final Fantasy VII and Glitch. I only found it less than 2 months ago and am lamenting the loss pretty hard.

I hope one day the Gods will find resurrection and can co-mingle again on Ur in HTML5 or as tablet apps. Until then, I wish the crew good luck on future endeavors.

Stay Glitchy,
Existenz / Exist0717