Fox Brushing Ximena finished learning the Fox Brushing skill
a long time ago
Nudgery I Ximena finished learning the Nudgery I skill
a long time ago
Gee E Bee Gee E Bee added Ximena as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago
Focused Meditation Ximena finished learning the Focused Meditation skill
a long time ago
Forgey LaForge Ximena earned the Forgey LaForge badge
a long time ago
Smelting Ximena finished learning the Smelting skill
a long time ago


My stuff
All things come to an end...! :(
My last door.
I loved it here. Thank you all.
I will miss you!!
It was such a beautiful world...!
If you read this...
Please take care of Mini, my gnome and my pet rock.