Status update
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Cenna's auction of 1x Butterfly Stick, for 200 currants, has expired.
a long time ago
Meditative Arts III Cenna finished learning the Meditative Arts III skill
a long time ago
Magic Monkey purchased Cenna's auction of 1x Yellow-Teal Square Key, for 39 currants.
a long time ago


good job kira!!!!! i bought something from you to get ya started
love, cenna

name your butler tinyspeck,
hurry up!!!!!!!!!!:(
corners can you sell something that i can buy????!!!!!! I gave you an extra cumibal you can sell will that help ??????!!!!!! i want to buy something from you!!!!!:(
i love you so this song is for you
roses are red, volits are blue so i don't know who i could love more than you its true. if only we knew what to do. but i allso love the ones we once knew THIS SONG MAY BE PURCHESD AT CENNA'S HOUSE ASK DIDDLE FOR SONG THE SONG MAY BE DIFFRENNT FROM THIS SONG HERE.