I am Ro! I'm a kid who likes things and stuff and other whatnots, probably just like you!


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I'll always miss this game
There's virtually nothing that needs improving, it's all so perfect... except a little more time would've been heaven sent
I'll always be proud
Proud to have had the chance to enjoy this beautiful game, and proud to be one of many marvellous members of Ur.
Goodbye, Glitch. I won't forget you.
Dear friend!
Thank you for sharing this experience with me. Glitch has been spectacular and I'm really glad we could both be a part of it. what will we do now it's gone?
have a great time in the real world,
Goodbyes are always difficult
Of all the places in the world, glitch was the place I was happiest. Thanks for all the good times, dear friend. Ro
Goodbye, Ur
I am going to miss this game so much, every beautiful moment.
Read Me!
All my old possessions, save my most precious emblems. If anything can be of use to you in the last hours, consider it my last gift. I'll really miss this game, and everyone on it.
You were always my favourite giant. of all the bitches, you were the baddest, and I mean that in the best way possible. love you.