Metal Gear

HELL !!!!


:-( Know what you mean. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye :-( Take care out there, study hard, do well and maybe buy Ur back for us all someday?!... and thank you for being such a wonderful Glitchien friend. xxx



In the Seams


never found this place, it's cute

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I filled it up for them :-) Potato, brocolli, carrot, wheat and sweetcorn mix! Only the best! :-D

Sassy x
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YAY! You finished it :-) Well done, that was my only goal too, and in the short time we have left, that's quite an achievement!
Sassy :-) x
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What a terrible shame all these fantabulous worlds and ideas are closing. I would have happily spent my real cash to keep it open... but a) I only found Glitch a month ago and b) there arent enough premium cash items to buy. Wish you hadnt all been so lovely and made ths game so cheap to play. Thanks for a wonderful month, I think this place is unique and I.m really sad to say goodbye to it.
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Just saying a little thank you for the high class hoe :-) My butler will be pleased!!
Love n peace Sassy x