Imagined Twoday 20th of Fever, year 19 // Hook, line and sinker.


Theremina Lute Theremina Lute added Kerlick as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago

We all stand and stare at the horror that is Kerlick's dancing.


Going out on P4, like Zille intended. "You sank my Glicthlship!"

Kerlick reached level 46
a long time ago
Feat First Kerlick earned the Feat First badge
a long time ago
Transcendental Radiation III Kerlick finished learning the Transcendental Radiation III skill
a long time ago


Keep the street alive!
In memory of our dear Zubes.
Please replant Yellow Crumb exclusively.
In the hopes it helps speed Zubes' return. Thanks!