Girl W. Parasol



A note!
I spent so many currants to buy my second home here - a DE-luxe Alakol model with all the options. Near mining, vendors, and a mere street away from the subway line! The soothing whisper of the water - and not a bad view of it, either.
(A real upgrade from that shabbily modest Bortola dwelling. Ukon Cognate was hardly a happening scene in those days.)

I was so young and green, but ah, the swanky parties, the posh pig pen, the acres of closet space! A Zilloween spent quaffing pumpkin ale and moonwalking right off the balcony!

My ambitions were high, even if my pockets were empty.

I shall always cherish those early days of folly. The memories...
Thank you, TS.
Thank you, players.

Thank you everyone, because Glitch has been a wonderful experience. I never thought I'd feel so changed, inspired, or heck, attached to a game, but dang. I am very, very sad to see this one disappear.

It was lovely. I have been a loyal player for over a year, and I will always remember it.