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Please dont take the eggs
please dont take the eggs anyone care about the piggies!!! do you want them to die? if you dont dont take the food please
Recipe Book
Bannana And Honey Pie
3 bananas
3 honeys
1 birch syrup
5 blue bubbles
Sargent Budgie - Part 1
Remember we god created animals?, like hare's, zebra's, tiger's, rhino's, raccoon's, bear's, porcupine's, beaver's, kangouroo's, ostriches, girraffes, elephant's, panda's, lion's, wolf's, stag, goat, hipomatopus, skunk's, squirrels, donkey's, mice, wallrus, penguin's, and of course...Budgies!! budgies are a kind of bird that live in africa or australia their in the parrot family their colors are blue and white or white green and yellow one day wen the first 2 budgies were born they wanted to make a big bright and colorfull family they got a massive family but not all the colors in the rainbow ''we live in a rather dull land i wan't to take half of our troop to the other side of the world'' said sargent budgie. sargent budgie was in charge in the flock he called the set of white and blue budgies parakeets the blue budgies were only aloud to be girls and one boy parakeet to keep the in order the yellow and green budgies had to be boys they were mainly called budgies the normal name
Sargent Budgie - Part 2
''rodger grab a set of parakeets and budgies to travel the otherside of the world!'' ordered sargent budgie ''um but sir their are enemies out their!'' said rodger '' name them rodger just name them...'' whispered sargent budgie ''well..um... first of snake's and then butcher birds, hawks, the dessert too and.. industialization, and even more! cat's, falcins and who knows what'll happen!'' shouted rodger then every budgie stared at him ''teehee uh i'm sorry its...um hee just.. get on with you'r work!!!'' shouted rodger then they all wen't back to what they were doing ''good then it's a adventure! go on round those budgies up don't forget some parakeets'' said sargent budgie ''but...!'' said rodger ''just do it rodger...'' answered sargent budgie ''well.. um'' replied rodger ''RODGER DO IT NOW!!!'' shouted sargent budgie ''um..hee okay sr..'' said rodger then he wen't off to gather the budgies and parakeets ''listen everyone the boss has ...asked.. to travel the otherside of the world''
Sargent Budgie - Part 3
said rodger ''and i need to pick out some healthy budgies and parakeets to come along but don't worry sargent budgie is coming along and leaving a wealthy budgie in charge'' said rodger ''What??!! is he crazy it's dangerous out their and who's in charge?!'' said the crowd of budgies and parakeets ''well georgeenstein is in charge of this flock now so whoever want's to come put their wing up'' said rodger but no one putted their wing up not even one single one ''okay i'll have to pick out some healthy budgies'' rodger said he picked them out but they were moaning about going their then sargent budgie got out ''are you bizzare sargent we will never make it!!'' shouted the budgies and parakeets who were traveling along ''trust me we will make it i've packed up some surviving stuff you won't regret coming it'll be a blast!'' said sargent budgie and then they wen't for 12 hours they had been flying and it was nearly midnight the flock was tired and barely could stay awake
The Baker's And Maker's - Part One -
Once upon a time in this very poorly land.. their was no baker's no nice cake's lollipops swiss roll's doughnut's victoria sponge cake's bubblegum or any sweet tasting food just dull boring food their land was rather dark no sunlight or rain just cloudy. their was a sweet girl called jasmine she wanted to be a baker wen she growed up her parents thought it wa very silly
The Milkman/lady street
This is where we produce milk for the milkman/lady group and Also jam jars honey and other dairy stuff
Kfc And milkman Street
Welcome To the kfc and milkma street The neighbours are the staff Please leave a note if you wnat soemthing check our group btw to see the menu also free coffee and salad everytime when you buy membership
Before you harvest!
You can harvest but dont pet it or water it trying to do the last egg quest