Teleportation V Tuan finished learning the Teleportation V skill
a long time ago
Tuan reached level 24
a long time ago
Friend of Cubimals Tuan earned the Friend of Cubimals badge
a long time ago
Spice Examiner Tuan earned the Spice Examiner badge
a long time ago
Rasana Completist Tuan earned the Rasana Completist badge
a long time ago
Licensed To Brush Foxes Tuan earned the Licensed To Brush Foxes badge
a long time ago


I will love the spice trees
I know we all go back to dirt
at the end of the day. What can I say. I will remember you all and imagine the times we might have had. I'll remember the kindness and the love. Mackerel and I had a great deal of fun in Ur and someday, maybe, we'll walk here again. With all love and pumpkins for the end of the world, -Tu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xURNbWAEQV0