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  1. Fullmetal Geek

    I love it when people call me fullmetal! Do ya understand why? XD

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Status update

Well, since we still have our group, use the forums for The In Peeps, since we can use it as a chat area and a place to share cool site and stuff. :)

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Someone Special
Sweet and special,
Kind and helpful,
Shes already ready
to be her best.
She the sweetest person,
and who shall i name?
Why it's Larch of course,
With her street of trees,
she my best friend on Glitch to me!

Sunrise to Sunset
What have we got to lose when a bloodly sunset awaits our souls. We're past the glory the fascinating sunrise. We are standing our ground for we are here, hours away from the war that we will fight. The war that we will fail and lose no matter what. The war that marks our downfall.
Maybe a flask of
gold or silver or
chocolate dripping
fairie dust with
lunch lady hair
wait a minute...
why do i care???

The Teleportation Script Guide
The ones on the left are for pure randomness. Discover new places as you buy a new script, takign you somewhere creative and intrueging. The ones on the right are cheap, and ways to come back to Holiday Emporium swiftly if you need some holliday cheer. The one sort of in the middle is scripts to the favorite place, Cerbarkul! Popular place so a lower price is there than the explorer script box. hope you love your scripts!
What will we have
to take out with us.
About nothing at all.