I can't stop coming here. Almost a week since the shutdown and it doesn't feel real. It was just a game, and yet it wasn't. I'll miss you.


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Griselda purchased Mushrooms' auction of 250x Cherry, for 2125 currants.
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Lucky13 purchased Mushrooms' auction of 1x Bubble Tuner, for 10 currants.
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A note!
Found your note in Vortex of Random; wasn't that place awesome? So sad Glitch is going away. :( Hope this note finds you well!
Farewell fellow Glitchians
Thanks for visting! It was a joy to meet everyone in this wacky little world. Maybe one day we'll see it come to life again.
I'll miss you Glitch. I'd like to think that everything in Ur will continue on, just without our interference.

I'm done writing mushy notes and dropping them everywhere, haha. I'm just sad to see such creativity disappear.

A theory.
I think Glitch is just TOO awesome to exist. Like, maybe over time the level of awesome would just become too much for us to handle? Just maybe.
A note!
Thank you.

Glitch is and will always be amazing.
Happy Easter?
So we meet again..

It's been nice knowing ya, Glitch. Fare thee well.
A note!
I'll miss you, Glitch.

Thank you to everyone for making this such an awesome place to escape to.

I hope you all have a beautiful life. /sappy