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Status update

"I'm done learning!" me too rock. me too.

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Tatimora's auction of 1x Lips, for 10 currants, has expired.
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What will happen?
When this world ends, what will happen to those who can't leave? The trees, the rocks, the animals?
When I try to tell people that I know about the end, they say they don't understand. I don't think I do either, to be honest.
Ima cry
This is literally the best game I have ever found and I only got to experience this game for 20 days. Ima cry.
To be honest
I would be suprised if the world didn't go out with a bang, especially considering all they've done so far.

Everything I have ever wanted in a game was here. I joined 2 days before the announcement. And yet, I have had several year's worth of fun. I'm really gonna miss this preposterous game!