Status update
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Blending II FireAlchemist finished learning the Blending II skill
a long time ago
Gak Gak added FireAlchemist as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago
Mid-Management Fruit Tree Harvester FireAlchemist earned the Mid-Management Fruit Tree Harvester badge
a long time ago
Chairman of the Board FireAlchemist earned the Chairman of the Board badge
a long time ago


A note!
Ghost was found here, now need to find the rest...
A note!
Have fun and goodbye.
A note!
Glitch Stays! Long live Glitch...
Rock on
Im glad I managed to feed a sloth at last, before glitch finishes..
Im still searching for ghosts.. Ive only found 1 so far......
A note!
Welcome to the Alchemist's Lair
Potions from the alchemist
Heavy metal
So do I
What does that free robot do? Mine never finished crafting anything..