Kristen Marie's Snaps

Trying desperately to get the dinosaurs to start imagining us now...
If I could, I would hold you closer, Tiny Dancer. I will miss you.
All the <3
When you wish...
I'll be a really good girl. I promise. Please take me with you!
You could even imagine me dressed like this, if you like it better.
I'm a cute little cupcake, and I would make some delightful...
I'll save you, CraftyHavok!
This is where I used to go home.
I'm really quite little, and I don't even mind the snot bubbles...
How about you? I don't really take up all that much imagination...
You sure did.
Hey there, big guy... can we live in your dreams now?
Can't we just, sing them a lullaby or something?
I hope you are right.
Forehorseman. Hah!
I am a Battra, and I appear to be walking on a rainbow.
Doesn't the moon look like he's trying to hug us?
Awww Yeti Lemmings...
Idiot is walking away. The deals are HERE, bro.
I has a sad now.
Cupcakes. One is cute and one is terrifying.
your love is a creepy kind of love.
Hot Dog and Hamburger BFFs FOREVER
It's all so sad and beautiful
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