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Last moments, with KM and Sauce, playing charades and hanging out...
Last Day Diary IV: Farewell Craftybots, Farewell!
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Favorites of peoples, the Guides. (Yes, many of your questions...
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We are all making the climb, but to where I have no clue.
Goodbye, Timtim Timm :,(
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In passing, Shady Woods is the perfect place for all your...
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Sometimes things get out of hand at Shady Wooods, but we'll have...
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At Shady Woods we'll make sure your friends can feel happy and...
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Oh kukubee, oh kukubee, How lovely are your drawings! In our...
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It's because of my lack of clothes, Mr. Juju.
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Goodbye from me...times 3. Love, VS, Rapurnzel (aka Ciara...
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.
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This dino went to get a butt tattoo, then ate a hotdog and had...
A hotdog and a cupcake for lunch.
Gorillaburger, stoot doll, and CRAFTYKM wait for permission to...
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Indeed. Life at Shady Woods is taken care of for those who are...
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The Nurses are dedicated to the proper care of the elderly and...
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Shady Woods Retirement Center, now accepting Glitches of Level 60.
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pillow talk
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Patiently waiting
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Playing ball with Stoot
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The extraordinarily Pious Esquibeth of Inari discovered that her...
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Awkward Family Photo
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Var and I in stiff competition
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Don't forget it!
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Taken by kevbob
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