Hang on tight, spider monkey YA I SAW ALL THE TWILIGHTS WHO GIVES A SHIT


A crime... Twilight is taking over everything... I THOUGHT GLITCH WAS SAFE!



Never you mind what we're doing in here.

Little Poundcake

This would've made a nice Zilloween unlockable.


This was the first thing I ever drew for Glitch! And we didn't use it! But now I'm gonna make a new game in a similar style. AND I'LL SHOW ALL YOU BITCHES! I'LL SHOW YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


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We should bring some of these furnitures back.


I remember the groddle cottage with these! I had one for a while, with pacman chair and everything! :D


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Lyrical DejaVu

Agreed, this much i figured, and also that it was too much headache. But given that this was the 2nd time he had tried to make a game like this work, one would think this would make you extra determined to make it work, or at least not willing to let it go without a fight. Instead of the relaunch and advertising that should of happened but didn't, the game was closed, a ton of work putting this game together was lost, people lost there jobs, (and had no real warning) and the community may or may not, give you a chance again if you ever put out another game. To me that = not worth it. I'm not saying spend ALL of the money, but have a relaunch and a ton of advertising, at the very least, before you determine if it can't be saved. This game had virtually NO advertising, and trying to find it in a search engine was next to impossible. It really did need an actual relaunch, heck most of us didn't even know it had went to Open Beta. I know nothing is going to change, but its such a short sighted, bruised ego, don't want anyone to know there might be problems...type of reaction. Newsflash, there were a lot of ppl just as invested in this game. You, werent in this alone. If things like Small Worlds and Gaia can survive, Glitch at least had a fighting chance, don't know if it would of won the fight but...well weve said it all before.

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Status update

We did spend some resources on advertising. But we had poor, poor, poor retention from new players. We had next to zero organic growth. It's not just about getting your name out there if the people who try the game don't even stick with it. Our dedicated players turned out to be a very very very small minority of the players that actually tried the game. And for this game to at least break even, we had to do something like 15-20x the player numbers we had. That's a huge jump. I really don't think anything could have helped outside of making some huge fundamental changes to the game itself. And THAT'S what would've cost us a more than we could afford.

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  1. Hab

    Dearest Brent/Kukubee, I just want to thank you - REALLY thank you - for taking the time that you have taken over these weeks to talk about this very difficult subject. It is getting touchy now even for those of us who have tried to stay upbeat about it, because, I think for me at least, the loss - the monumental loss - is finally becoming real. At first I was in denial - wouldn't talk about it, wouldn't go to the forums, would only go to my little house and play by myself, pretending like it wasn't going to happen. Then I started thinking about it. Went to the forums - posted sad but loving posts about our beautiful world and all the things I would miss. Then, when you and Dan (and others) started your efforts to save what you could of Glitch, somehow it didn't seem so bad again. I felt like it (and I) would be okay. And then (though please don't take this as any lack of appreciation for your efforts - I am still so totally stoked to have the book coming, and am ordering a CD & music box as soon as I have the cash this week, as well as being on the waiting list for the next go-round of pouches), I realized that NONE of this would bring it back. It could only ever be memories. From now on. Forever. I cried again when people started saying goodbye here on the update page, that they couldn't hang around anymore because there was no point. And then... I think that's when it happened. Things started getting quietly, understatedly angry with many of us who have never been that way. We started questioning the closing for the first time - wondering if it was purely a business deal - get what you can from it and get out. People brought up Flickr, and I (thank heaven) had my computer delete a reply I made that well, stoot was a businessman first and foremost, what did we expect. (Oh GOD - I can't believe I told on myself). I kicked myself for two days and didn't come back to the update page because I felt so bad about saying something like that when you ALL have obviously done everything and more so far above and beyond to give us everything you can of this game. Even to have left the site up for us to communicate - the forums - even (the closet of my dreams) the wardrobe?!!! It is just so clearly the action of people who care about other people and about doing the right thing as much as possible. There IS no other explanation. Stoot was even posting snaps a week after closing. Now tell me those are the actions of a cold-hearted business-only dude. So okay, I have rambled quite a bit here, forgive me, all of you, but it just means a GREAT DEAL to me coming from you, Kukubee - with all the craziness you have going right now with the projects - that you would take the time to look at these last few posts from us last few hangers-on, and actually be completely, truly honest. It helps readjust my attitude, because although anger IS a legitimate part of grief, it isn't healthy to stay there, and Glitch is something I want to always remember fondly - not have some niggling feeling that SOMEBODY could have done SOMETHING to save it and didn't. Let's face it - Glitch WAS really unusual - for me that was a great thing, but for mass marketing, yeah - I can see it might not be so good. It sucks, but its true. How many times, people out there, have you said - damn it! I loved that show - why did they cancel it and WHY is Keeping Up with the Kardashians still on the effing air?!!! (Sorry to all of you who love the K's) It's just a matter of - unusual not being enough of a draw to make a good living at. Anybody watch Firefly (the Sci Fi series)? Perfect example. Hilarious - unusual - great characters - rich with color... just a BIT too unusual to make it. And like Glitch, the people involved were really broke up about leaving it. Tried to save it. But in the end, it was numbers. I have always been an unusual person - creative, artistic, a bit poetic - didn't meet many people like that, EXCEPT HERE. So, it stands to reason really - now that I think of it. Yes it seems like there were quite a few of us, but realize, people that we were all over the world - from everywhere - and put that into perspective with any other big mass-market game, TV show, whatever, and you have to see that we just weren't enough. I can see it now. I couldn't before, and so for me, that's why your comment here meant so much. Thanks again. *sigh* (((Kukubee))) Love and hugs to my fellow hangers-on if you managed to hang with me through this post. :')

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  2. Flowerry Pott

    Thank you, Kukubee. Thank you, Hab. You both said the most perfect things. *cries*

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  3. Ann DramaDuh

    Oh, what a shame. That Glitch didn't make it because most people "out there" haven't got a clue about what quality entertainment is. I agree with Hab about how new, interesting, quirky TV shows fold after one season because they don't pander to brain-dead viewers. For example: I loved the show "Life on Mars." I loved many shows like that .. but they all got pulled. The problems are (1) money, and (2) vacuous-brained people who only come alive when there is conflict of some kind to live vicariously through. The money part can be overcome, but the mindless, living zombies cannot.

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  4. Minkey

    Thank you for sharing (insert what Hab said) <3

  5. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    Thank you so much, Kukubee. This eases my mind a lot, and explains a lot.

  6. Little Poundcake

    To follow up on this, since I'm a numbers person and I know that some of you are, too: Think about how often you or anyone you know will click on an ad because it looks interesting. Not very often, right? We spent *well* over $10K (I don't remember how much) to get about 1,000 clicks on our ads. Those are expensive clicks. Okay, so we have 1,000 people who did not know about Glitch and then clicked the ad. They ended up on a version of the home page with a big shiny "Play Now!" button. Now what? Only 100 of those people decided to click the "Play Now" button, which took them into the brand new cloud and flamingoes tutorial. Boo: we just lost 90% of those expensive clicks. :( Anyway, bright side! 100 new players! They're playing! Except... oh, shit, we lost all but about 30 of them before they even registered for a real account. Fuuuuuck. When we stretched that trend out over more ad dollars and a longer period of time, it turned out that we would hang on to maaaaaybe 5 of those people for longer than a week. The rest just vanished, usually somewhere around level 3-5, never to return. Glitch was a wonderful, magical thing for those of us who loved it, but it was simply not loved by most people who encountered it in the wild. It sucks, but it's the truth. Tens of thousands of people saw Glitch and did not instantly love it! We don't know what's wrong with them, either. :( Ad conversion was a total shit sandwich. We tried! We put lots and lots of dollars into the ad machine after spending lots and lots of time making a new tutorial for all of those new people. We had smart people helping us target ads towards our most likely players. A few of them came, fewer of them saw, almost none of them stayed. As Kuke mentioned, we needed significantly more players. There was no indication in any of our data that we could get there — or even remotely close — with more advertising. In short, math: sometimes it's a bummer.

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  7. arizoo

    I still think that a chill out game like this still have some potential. Like journey had. A place to chill out, hangout, discover yourself, open-less experiment, glitch had all of that in the beginning, it was a wonder world, then furniture and strange houses came, and it started to become something to not wonder about anymore. It was just work and busy people doing pointless mainstream virtual things. I don't blame anyone. I just want to say, you guys touched there, you were close, people will remember, will miss, something will come up after this experiment.

  8. Brib Annie

    I understand but it is such a shame. It really was a great game. I did meet a number of new players who just had no idea what to do but, I have had that problem with every game I've tried. It takes something special to interest new players and "something" is wide and varied. I almost quit when I came in march 2011. I didn't like the side scrolling, I got stuck and could get no help for a while, etc. It was the Art that kept me here. The game grew on me a bit later.

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