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Kukubee's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Kukubee's Home Street

Owned by Kukubee


1 Fruit Tree, and 1 Sparkly Rock for mining.


A note!
I love this game! <3
A note!
Vag rules.
For Kukubee
This note is actually Vietnamese currency.
You touched me...
when you liked my snap!

Hello Kukubee,
I wanted to let you know that I felt super special when you liked the picture of me and Mr. Jupiter in Flipside. It's nice when someone whose work you like likes a thing you did.
We are in a long-distance relationship, and Glitch has been a way for us to do stuff together. Thank you for making a such a lovely world where we could see each other.

Wishing you the best,
Dr. Foxsocks
Thank you...
...for everything you've done for the game, and everything you are doing for the Glitchen now. I look forward to having my pouch to carry with me, just as I will always carry Ur with me.
A note!
Congratulations on all the hard-work you've put in to this amazing game!
Just stopping in to say hi and bye to your home. thanks for bringing such an amazing world to life. thanks for giving me a game to get obsessed over! i feel so proud when i see how many lives you've touched with your amazing work. may u always stay passionate about your beautiful talent and continue to change people's lives. :)
A note!
SO long and thanks for all the fish
Thanks for such a lovely world.

And I love the helikitty on the street as well.

I left a salmen for the kitty, but I think the pigs ate it :)
A note!
Thank you for all the beautiful art :D