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My last moments in Ur...
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It was ever thus
My home street style for the end
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Goodbye, game. You were good to me.
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there's GOT to be another story waiting to be told, there just...
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Maybe some day, somewhere far, far away, we can all come...
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I was stood on this exact spot 12 days ago when a giants head...
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Watching the sunset of my younger days. I think I'm finally ok...
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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our...
this guy is cute
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Jesus Christ... in hell? o.O
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OMG rockets!
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Gemsplosion courtesy of Justin
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Ze sea is full of life... but everywhere, there iz a struggle to...
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first ever successful smuggle mission!
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I just like the meal vendor
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I missed one. ONE. LITTLE. STAR.
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devs streets are magic!
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Ayasta realises that the party is *far* more casual than she was...
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Ahh, the surprise of mourning myself!
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My name in lights... I mean SDBs
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