huge 12 sided dice and someone took the presents again
Can't you place them in deco mode so no one will be able to take them but you?
8 years ago
PoS would have put them there in deco mode. Unfortunately it has always been bugged and so there is no guarantee they can't be taken. It is also the fact that the person who took them would have had to bother to test all the things to see what can be picked up:( PoS - If you need gift box replacements or anything let me know
8 years ago
bored no more
it's so sad and irritating that people will take things that are obviously being used as art. some people have no shame :(
8 years ago
Things can't get taken if you use the old shelf trick, which i told you about in IM Piece. I look forward to getting a full snap of your tower for my memory folder.
8 years ago
Voluptua Sneezelips
I'm so sorry, Piece. Sadly the shelf method does not work with bags--one of my tower floors needs a bag to be truly complete, and no method appears to secure a bag so it's locked, and I've lost enough that I've given up--and given that gift boxes occupy a bag slot, I suspect that the same mechanics apply and that they can't be locked down under any method. :(
8 years ago
Flowerry Pott
Even so, it's so lovely and impressive. WTG, Piece!
8 years ago
Hen vla Ham
Whau! So pretty! Great yeti! Very impressed
8 years ago
That is amazing!!
8 years ago
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