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lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anything else I should know? wait, which one is add?

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Hope this brightens your day.
If its not here when you see this, hope it brightens your day with the thought that someone did something nice for you. If this note isn't here, and you are the person who stole it, well, this was meant for someone else. I don't get why you would steal. You could ask and I would gladly give you all this. All the work for nothing, huh? Enjoy, butterfeels!
Reminds me of this
A note!
Dear Stoot,

While you were being missed,
I was walking amiss
Traveling through Ix
Stopping only to buy a pick
Stumbled through groddle meadow
Wondering about the sunny weather
Running through the ancestrals
Feeling a little regretful
That all the little juju crooks
Didn't get so much as a sheet of paper from my book
But as i travel on
I try not to think of the cons
But just remeber, when the storm comes through
We will all be thinking of you.


Kronos Rats

I <3 stoooooot!
A note!
hey stoot, can you fall asleep on my street for once? Just once, thats all. Please?
Thank ye!