I became #1 in the end for Grendaline as well. ♥ you Spriggan and Grendaline! I donated millions worth of stuff to the shrines...oh what a fun that was! Thanks!
Oh, I am SO happy that you're the #1 for Spriggan! How wonderful.
11 years ago
Thank you *blush* In first beta I was #1 for Pot. Then the reset came..and decided to go for the two giants I liked best. First Spriggan, and if possible Grendaline. And yes..it worked out! It was fun to do and kept me busy. My personal goal ^^. I knew Liza was going for Grendaline as well, and when I said goodbye a few weeks before the game closed I gave her the time to become #1. I guess she didn't have to time to do so.
11 years ago
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