Holly Waterfall's Snaps

All my little friends :)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my friends!
It feels so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things...
Um no it's not,-having Glitch here is "the Bliss".
The Last Ghost!
Ghostie #4
Finally Wally helped me find some ghosts
Sheperdmoon and her alt
I'm in heaven or Val Holla, I forget.
Christmas party at the Clubhouse
Rainbows and friends and craziness-oh my!
Christmas Party
My friends :)
He either said "GO to the back of my throat, or he wants a...
It's either a whale or I'm dreaming???
The sky is the limit
Stuff we never got to play with-sadly :(
It all adds up to a great game! :)
Swiper-no swiping!
*sniff* reminds me of FS as well as Glitch-so long great games
I sure will miss Climbing Ev'ry Mountain and singing about the...
He's in there because he destroyed Glitch!
Me and Senor (minus his tilde)
Whole home street
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