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Oh, I get it now! Giant Onion Rings! :D
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Ooh...Santa baby has come early! :D
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i said the same...
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My tower and gnome have a new name. BUHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH
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Face to face with evidence of the Engineers.
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Over the moon about Glitch :)
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telescope view... maybe!
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Apparently Jujus don't jump?
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Wheeeeeeee! It's fun to fly off balconies!
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river from the hight
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Biggest focusing orb attack ever. 71? :o
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For Science... or so I was told.
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Why thank you!
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I'm always rushing around Hell just before New Day and have never...
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I match this room!
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Don't mess with Kankels!
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The Gods aren't going to help you now!
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Kind of like giant seahorses, they are.
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you can never have too much ice
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harriette the punkin farmer
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Down by the water
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Post Card
Taken by harriette
When I was whisked into the light I didn't know my life would...
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this is the swimming of the glitch called bex-a-tious
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If you can't be a shark, do the next best thing and use your...
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The Rare Vendor looks like one of the Star Wars Sand People in...
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