Serra's Snaps

The new house and tower style I picked -sniffle-
So sad to see all of this go away. =/
The store!
The hoocherie!
The bistro and the chemistry lab
The machine room and the display room
The Dungeon/Lobby and the Awesomesauce Bar
Wtf is this?
National OHM Day!
The newest room in my tower: The Dungeon!
Getting some serious metal on a Serious Route! Serious biz!
The House of Hodgepodge is starting to look good!
Moved my bar to my tower, come see it!
Had to add a disco ball!
Renovated the bar!
The entryway looks pretty sharp!
Part 2 of the Cubimal Wall of Shame is done!
My Piggy room, refurnished!
Y u no make grains yard chickens?
The Blue Room
Emblem and Icon room
Updated hoochery/bar!
Re-done piggy room!
The Hoochery/Bar
The piggy room!
My workshop!
My bedroom!
My beautiful living room!
Cubimal Wall of Shame!
That's a big 'ol Rube!
The wall of Cubes!
OMGWTFBBQ? The Cubis made a mess, didn't they?