Shiola's Snaps

Rube.... you need an intervention. You are a hoarder.
You people are so silly!
Wow! What an amazing scene! <3
Goodbye Glitch. <3
He asked me to take a photo....
Close your eyes & wish hard for snow!
Toasty warm
Hello, Giant! <3
Pretty! Can we live here?
Stargazing....I hope those are stars. SOme bugs that liveincaves...
The great Pepper Mills of the Bogs
Hark, the herald Glitchies sing...
Where's Bruse...with an S?
Where's Bruce? Part II
Where's Bruce? Part I
I can has cloud island?
Starlight, starbright...
Your Rook wings are tired up & tarred in the depths....
Here lies the dead of Dead. My headlamp eyes shall shine the way...
I wonder if my neighbour knows they were fish slapped!
Someday, I wish to enter the space hole & be full of stars...
So shiny!
Little green Glitch ate some little green eggs & never came...
Sitting, waiting, thinking, wishing....
I can see why the giants remember it... it's beautiful.
I see you, ghostie.
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