I think I'll stay here when the world ends - it's home. Wish Modestine could be here too...
I was thinking about that too. I think I'll create a place on my home street and pin LoveBunny to it for the EOTW
9 years ago
Brib Annie
When Faunasphere ended I stayed with my Fauna at my main sphere. This time, I went out in the world from one end of Ur to the other and stopped in Cebarkul where the Lag was such that there was no escape. My piggies, chickens and butterflies had each other, Splotz my butler and the magic Rock for company.
9 years ago
Mocha Maid
I did the opposite - I was one of the last to leave the Meeting Place in Faunasphere and watched it end. I didn't think I could go through that again...
9 years ago
Mocha Maid Mocha Maid snapped this
at 1:52am on December 9, 2012
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