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The End in Scribe's Weald
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Last shot. Good night all, hope to see you in other games.
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Almost 4 hours past closing, I can't quite reach the exit sign.
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Finally closing the game window.
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Can't bring myself to close the window.
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I left the window open, 1 1/2 hours later I'm still here with my...
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Stuff and things
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Surveying the aftermath. WTF happened here? We're going to need a...
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Glitch Shutdown @ cebarkul
Taken by Danny
I'm still here!
Taken by Viresse
The game is closed. It's so quiet.
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Good bye my dear friend's i gonna miss you all! Big hug :) and...
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Snapped at 8:01PM, 1 minute after the game closed. My final and...
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good bye neva
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Saying our goodbyes to Glitch
Taken by Robin Beeswax
Where it all began... Scribes Weald in Groddle Forrest - the end...
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In the very last hours I notice something new to me, the ripples...
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The toxic sludge is playing GNG. Wait, what?
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Me underground
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Last purple trip
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It's chaos everywhere!
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It's endless
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First thing I saw after restarting my browser after it sat there...
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