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Me and my alter-ego Lucretia, meeting for the 1st (& last)...
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Final Snap of my rares!!!!
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even jujus have a family <3
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Trying to wake up his friend :)
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feel pity for this guy..huh!huh!huh!
My Home
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what a view!
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Final farewells to an old friend
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Caught my silvertongue growing up today!
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We'll never see the hatchling.
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Thank you, Glitch, for the memories. I'm not lonely anymore :)
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LAND AHOY! :D (Amelia-Fae's tower) with the awesome curatot...
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If my Glitch ever gets married then i think that this will be the...
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It's a Purple flashback, but WAY less scary.
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:D I can fly! Go go go go!
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Piece of Serenities tower is amazing! here is a preview, go check...
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What is this guy doing in there? Taking a bath? Digging to china?...
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Alone on a bench... *sigh*
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Everyone's favourite word
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this log has the most perfect peeping hole :o
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lunar surfing amung the stars
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another owl on a vine...
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Best glitchen party EVER.
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After a long day of hugging and kissing, the emo bear finally...
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