purple goldfish



A note!
Dear kind sir,

My name is Amuthabhet Rajakuramaut, and I am a prince from Persia. I am writing to you to request your assistance in gaining access to my 9 million currants asset. At this moment the assest is locked with a 1m bond in the Pot bank. If you would be ever so kind to leave 1m currant with my bulter by 34th Remember, I would be so willing to share my inheritance with you.
adieu, beautiful thing.
Thank you, Glitch,
for the friends and companionship
for the laugh during joblessness
for the joy that came with a new job

My family, where my real family is 2 days flight away...

Nothing can replace you, I shall be an orphan once more.

BUT I am happy, thank you for the good times!
Noooo! I'm leaving you instead!
What am I thinking... I'll be with you till we part, dear beautiful world!

Thank you for the memories. Please come back and haunt me.