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It's been fun and I miss you all already! Hope this new year brings something wonderful again! Feel free to keep in touch- I am on Skype and gmail with the same name.

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That's the spot.


That's the spot.


Did you find the heart in the end?



My Tower- Floor 8


How dare you forget!!!!!!!!



The Underworld:
The 'Get out of Hell free' Card is actually fairly useful when you don't have the time to crush grapes in the underworld, or just don't have the food to revitalize when you return after.

Spices & Gases:
Up top are items for sale. It is recommended you purchase from the apropriate vendor- it is cheaper, and you should familiarize yourself with the process.

[Note: describe vendor purchases/advantages elsewhere later]

Spice Mill: (top shelf)
Newb friendly? To aspiring chefs, yes.
Needed for: Cheffery I and above [Expand]
This can convert Allspice to various specific spices.

Spices have a specific container type- the Spice Rack, which holds 16 of the 18 spices. It is important because it costs about 1/4 of the price of a 16 slot bag. For whatever reason all container types are restricted to some degree. so Spice racks are ONLY able to be purchased from a Kitchen Good Vendor.

Gassifier: (to the right)
Newb friendly? No, you won't need this for a while.
Needed for: Animal Husbandry, Blockmaking, Botany,
Cocktail Crafting II, Fuelmaking, Potionmaking.
This lets you convert general vapour to various specific gases.

Fruit Changer & Bubble Tuner:
Up top are items for sale. It is recommended you purchase from the apropriate vendor- it is cheaper, and you should familiarize yourself with the process.
[Note: describe elsewhere later]

On the top shelf is the Fruit Changer, which can convert cherries to various other fruit.

To the right we have the Bubble tuner, which can convert plain bubbles to various specific bubbles.
Bubbles are (if neccessary) edible.
This is Distilling!
You need to know Distilling to use a Still.
Stills must be placed on the ground.
Intermediate Admixing
You need to know Intermediate Admixing to use a beaker.
Potionmaking II
You need to know Potionmaking II to make these compounds.
Potionmaking I
You need to know Potionmaking I to make these compounds.
If you can blend, you can make all these drinks.
Humbaba (f.)
Giant of Walking Creatures: Gregarious, Belligerent Humbaba is the giant ruling over all creatures that walk, crawl, slither or sashay over Ur. One with the animals, Humbaba walks on all fours to be closer to them, and insists on them calling her by her first name. Which is kind of pointless, since she only has one name. Adherents are known as "Humbabans". Primary Skill Affiliations Animal Kinship, Animal Husbandry, Herdkeeping, Remote Herdkeeping, Fox Brushing, Fiber Arts
Pot (m.)
Giant of Prosperity: Generous, Gluttonous, Impatient Round of belly and capacious of stomach Pot is the Giant of Prosperity, with dominion over anything edible, cookable, munchable or nibbleworthy. Pot himself is not munchable. Do not attempt to munch any giants. Adherents are known as "Potians". Primary Skill Affiliations EZ Cooking, Cheffery, Saucery, Grilling, Master Chef
Alph (m.)
Giant of Creation: Playful, Inconsistent, Unreliable Alph is the giant responsible for creating ?things?. And also ?stuff?. Approaching everything with the question ?What IF??, Alph is never happier than when the answer results in a complex wadjamacallit or a satisfyingly big boom. Adherents are known as "Alphas". Primary Skill Affiliations Furnituremaking, Tinkering, Engineering, Fuelmaking, Blockmaking
Lem (m.)
Giant of Exploration: Open, Unavailable, Evasive Lem, the wanderer giant. Responsible for travel, directions, and knowledge. What Lem doesn?t know is not worth knowing. Also, what Lem doesn?t unknow is not worth unknowing. (That?s Lem?s favourite joke) (Lem doesn?t know many jokes). Adherents are known as "Lemmings". Primary Skill Affiliations Teleportation, Penpersonship, Bureaucratic Arts
Friendly (m.)
Giant of Night & Social Life: Empathetic, Meddlesome Friendly is the overseer of darkness, nocturnal things, party-planning, of social activities and their most common lubricant, booze. Friendly by name, friendly by nature: unless you neglect to buy a round. Adherents are known as "Friends". Primary Skill Affiliations Cocktail Crafting, Distilling, Blending, Eyeballery
Cosma (f.)
Giant of Sky & Meditation: Levitous, Aimless As flighty and aimless as anything can be (if that thing is also giant-sized), Cosma is the Giant in charge of imagining up all things airborne. From the heaviest gas to cling to a cavern floor to the tiniest fart to escape from a butterfly, Cosma is the source of it all. Adherents are known as "Cosmapolitans". Primary Skill Affiliations Meditative Arts, Levitation, Transcendental Radiation, Martial Imagination, Piety
Spriggan (m.)
Giant of Trees: Persistent, Evergreen, Rigid Before Spriggan, no giant had ever imagined a tree. After Spriggan, no giant ever needed to, because he had already imagined them all. Steadfast, persistent, and somewhat rigid, Spriggan is the slumbering Giant of all Trees and Plants. Or ?Trants?. Adherents are known as "Spriggots". Primary Skill Affiliations Arborology, Botany, Woodworking, Fruit Changing, Spice Milling, Gasmogrification, Bubble Tuning
Mab (f.)
Giant of Harvesting: Industrious, Greedy When the harvest needs bringing in, the crops need counting, and the job needs doing right, Mab, Giant of Soil and Harvests, first to lie down and start imagining Ur into being is the giant to look to. Adherents are known as "Mabbites". Primary Skill Affiliations Soil Appreciation, Croppery, Herbalism
Tii (n/a)
Giant of Odd & Even Numbers: Cold, Reckoning The Giant with power over all numbers. Odd or even, prime or not-prime, cubed or rooted, Tii keeps a cold, watchful eye over Ur. Tii sees all, knows all, calculates all. Never underestimate Tii. Tii has already correctly estimated you. Adherents are known as "Ti'ites". Primary Skill Affiliations Alchemy, Element Handling, Intermediate Admixing, Crystallography, Potionmaking, Tincturing
Grendaline (f.)
Giant of Water: Loyal, Fierce Grendaline, raised in a swamp, has an imagination as free-flowing as water. This makes sense, as water is what she spends most of her time imagining. If it sprinkles, drips, flows or gushes, Grendaline is your giant. Adherents are known as "Grendalinians". Primary Skill Affiliations Light Green Thumb, Bog Specialization, Jellisac Hands
Zille (f.)
Giant of Mountains: Friendly, Neurotic Zille is the giant with dominion over the mountains. All rocks, caverns, hillocks, pingos, buttes and drumlins thank Zille for their existence. Zille, busy imagining up new flavours of gravel, acknowledges their thanks. Adherents are known as "Zillots". Primary Skill Affiliations Mining, Refining, Smelting, Metalworking
On 'Mountain Scaling'
Definitive: This gives Favor to Zille. This is the Realm of Zille.
On 'Arbor Hollow'
Suggestive: This gives no Favor. This is the Realm of Spriggan.
On 'Cloud Rings'
Suggestive: This gives Favor to Pot. This Realm is uncertain.
On 'Bippety Bop'
Suggestive: This gives Favor to Mab. This Realm is uncertain.
On 'Radial Heights'
Definitive: This gives Favor to Cosma. This is the Realm of Cosma.
On 'Starlit Night'
Speculative: This gives Favor to Cosma. This is the Realm of Friendly.
On 'Slip 'N Slide'
Speculative: This gives Favor to Cosma. This is the Realm of Grendaline.
On 'Cloud Flight'
This gives Favor to Alph.
This Realm is uncertain.
On 'Beam me Down'
Guess: This gives no Favor. This is debatably the Realm of Lem (travel).
On 'Sky Plunge'
Guess: This gives no Favor. This Realm is uncertain.
On 'Abysmal Thrill'
Guess. This gives Favor to All Giants. This is debatably the Realm of Humbaba.
Meditative Arts Map:
[]= required to learn
L#= level #
*= spent emblem of giant
q= quest
@= achievement
u= upgrade card

[L4] Meditative Arts I
[MA1] Eyeballery
[MA1q] Focused Meditation
[MA1] Teleportation I
[TP1] Teleportation II
[TP2*q] Teleportation III
[TP3q] Teleportation IV
[TP4q] Teleportation V
[MA1] Meditative Arts II
[MA2] Transcendental Radiation I
[TR1q] Martial Imagination
[TR1qL15] Transcendental Radiation II
[TR2uL21] Transcendental Radiation III
[MA2] Meditative Arts III
[MA3@L5] Levitation
[MA3q] Piety
iMG: Lesson One; Quoins
iMG has many sources, one of them is Quoins. Quoins are those power-ups floating in the air. You are limited to 100 of the 'non-Qurazy' quoins until you upgrade. Depending on your play style, upgrading is optional, but genrally encouraged. 'Qurazy': The white, cloud-shaped ones Base: up to 250 IMG Always get these. Always. It's the most, easiest iMG available There is always one the 1st time you visit a location- after that it's about 20% chance. It's worth the detour iMG: The purple ones Base: around 15-20 IMG You should always get these too, UNLESS you plan on visiting the Ancestral Lands where they are worth more Mood : Green Happy faces Avoid these unless you have no other way to lift mood Energy: Green box lightning bolts Avoid these unless you have no other way to raise energy Time: Little clocks Award skill time reduction Avoid unless end of day Favor: Purple stars Award favor with Giant(s) Always get
iMG Lesson Three: Activities.
iMG has many sources, the last of them are Activities. Doing certain things gives you iMG Some activities do not give iMG, but do later, with upgrades. In particular you should try to; Revere Icon(s) (11) Contemplate Emblem(s) (11) one per day- Listen to Music Boxes (25) (there are more, but they are rare) about every 12 hours. Items: Acquiring a 'never before seen' item gives you iMG. You don't actually need to USE the item, just own it for a sec. You can loan people new things to help boost free iMG. A few items spawn Quests, which give iMG on completion. Important note: If you get multiple, different items through auction at the same time, you will only get 'New item' recognition for the first one. The others will just 'no longer be new' anymore- this is a curently a known bug, so order accordingly with enough time in between item so they are delivered separately, or do not confirm delivery so they go to mail (you may need to log off for this).
Home Streets:
Each player has a personal play space to develop as they see fit. Their 'Home Street' contains their home, and any resources they wish to share with any visitors. The reason you may want to do this is that you are awarded iMG each day for things people do on your home street. - but it wil mean your resources may not always be fully available to you. Visiting Stones: Visitors can come to your Home Steet at random through the Visiting Stones if you go to a visiting stone and allow it. <research home streets & possibility of 'private home street'> All home streets have a home. Knocking on the door is a request to enter their home. Some people may be uncomfotable with this, even though all property inside is protected.Don't take this personally if it occurs- it might just be that their place is a mess- which is more common than not considering the price of cabinets & shelves. Most home streets do not have a tower, but for those that do, the tower is open as the rest of the street.
Acquiring an Emo-bear will allow you to interact more creatively with the people of Ur; Allowing the basic actions of 'Hug' and 'High-Five', expansion is possible, allowing more options such as 'Kiss' and 'Moon' Also, having at least one plank in your inventory allows the 'splank' emote. <Draft>
iMG Lesson Two; Quests, Home Street.
iMG has many sources, Quests & your Home Street come next. Quests are generated for a number of reasons: You picked a certain Skill. You reached a certain Level. You acquired or used a certain object. A vendor or other game entity offered it. Quests are pretty much optional. Most are worth completing. All will stick in your log till you decide to do them. Most Quests are solo, but a few require you to do things with up to 3 people. This is not a problem- most of your fellow glitches have been there, so asking random strangers will usually help you realize that most people are happy to help for a few minutes. Your Rock: Outside of your house is a talking rock. In addition to other functions he awards you iMG daily. If you can choose between doing something on your street, or elsewhere- your street wins- but don't obsess over it. More importantly if other people do things on your street, he gives you iMG for it. This encourages Home Street development. Sharing is good.
Official Documents:
Official documents are distributed by the Bureaucratic Centers. You need Bureaucratic Skills to purchase Bureaucratic documents, _except_ for 'Card Carrying Qualification'. I recommend purchasing these documents elsewhere, rather than taking up skill slots for a one-time action- unless you have other plans (reselling, unlearning). The 3 Bureaucratic Centers: Gregarious Grange in Groddle Meadow Baeli Bray in Muufo Chego Chase in Andra Card Carrying Qualification: At the bottom is the first document you should get. Anyone Level 4 or above can get this. Get: You can't have Your Papers without it. Your Papers: Needs: Bureaucratic Arts I Costs: 100 Above that you will see documents neccessary for riding the subway (which is cheap, efficient, and spans a lot of Ur). Highly recommended. At the top is a General Building Permit Needs: Bureaucratic Arts II Costs: 500 This is for towers. Building is very costly. Avoid until you are prepared. <Draft>
Lucrative Upgrade:
Here is the useful, but overrated 'Reshuffle Card'. I do not recommend this for personal use early in your game. You must be Level 5 to use it, and in general I'd much rather just wait for a new game day and busy myself in the meantime. This is a card which I personally find 'more costly' to use myself than to sell. I endorse buying it to get a 'partial reshuffle' (exposing 1 new card) - but I find that it sells on auction for better than the temporary aid I would get by using it. Later, when money is of less concern, you may find that employing this card is valuable. <Draft>
These crops are used in the preparation of a large assortment of foods.

Crops may be purchased from the Produce Vendor.

Crops can also be grown out of plots on homestreets or community garden locations:

<List locations>

Though anyone may plant, water, fertilize or harvest any crop, there may be rules at any particular location that suggest etiquette. If you like the rules, then feel free to join in!

Crops grow from seeds.
Seeds can be purchased from the Gardening tools and Gardening Goods Vendors.
If you feed pigs vegetables, then examine their poop, it will have seeds in it.

Batterfly guano is used to fertilize. It makes your crops grow faster. It can be found in some caves, or coaxed from Batterflies by feeding them.

Harvested crops stack 80 in your inventory.
At shrines you can check your favor with the giant of that shrine, or your favor with all gialnts.

You can also donate most worldy goods in exchange for favor. Favor is roughly 10% of the items currant value.
The more valuable the item to that giant, and the larger the donation, the more favor will be recieved. You can increase the favor you will recieve by using...

Shrine Powder:
Fairly Hallowed Shrine Powder doubles the effectiveness of your donations while effective, and
Extremely Hallowed Shrine Powder increases it more- likely triple!

Successful donations are sometimes rewarded with gifts, the most notorious of which is the

Gameshow Ticket:
A mystical spinning wheel appears, and will stay a limited time so that you may spin it!
That spin determines if you get something more valuable than the ticket- if anything at all!
Seasoners; Bean & Egg!
On the top shelf is the Bean Seasoner, which can convert beans to various other 'seasoned beans' for planting. To the right we have the Egg Seasoner, which can convert eggs to various other 'seasoned eggs' for hatching by a chicken. The resulting 'hatched offspring' are below each egg. They do not like Towers, and complain incessantly. In a home they are quiet, thankfully. (this is my observation- clarification would be appreciated) Feeding the chick 10 grains results in a chicken. Feeding the caterpillar a bubble instantly results in a butterfly. Feeding the piglet 3 crops gives a pig.
The Rook:
?The Rook? is a collective noun referring to the evil, crow-like creatures who exist on the same plane as the Giants and are constantly buzzing at them, dive-bombing, attacking and trying to eat the Giants? imagination. The Rook is dark and opposes all creativity. And they will try to attack the game world, especially locations which are left a little too neglected ? For in-game info on the Rook go to the ?Mezzanine? in Jethimadh Tower (Jethimadh, Tower St West) [It's Educational] <verify exact location> <expand>
The Rook: The Battle
First step to knowing how to battle the rook is to know how NOT to. If someone rolls 'Rook' on the 12-sided die shown here, an almost believable Rook attack may take place. This fake attack is known as a 'Rook Roll', and is easily determined by the face of the magic rock still being in the top center of the screen. In real Rook attacks, this is replaced with an active Rook's head. Call to Arms: Battling the Rook is a cooperative effort. You can't do it alone! You could call your friends, but it's better to call others who are ready & waiting to answer the call! Rook Alerts is a group with a chat channel just for that purpose! <continue>
Anyone can do this. No skill is required.
It is quite costly in energy to use without the skill.
Currently this skill is not recommended, as there are no practical uses for crystals.
I assume this will change in the future.
There are two classes of herbs. Class I herbs (top 2 shelves) Gandlevery, Hairball Flower, Rookswort and Rubeweed produce 1 herb per harvest shuck for 4 seeds Class II herbs (bottom 2 shelves) Purple Flower, Silvertongue, Yellow Crumb Flower produce 3 herbs per harvest shuck for an average of 2.66 seeds.
Newbtopian Community Sponsor!
This document certifies that 1,000 currants was contributed for the advancement of the Newbtopian tower.

The site of this educational and inspirational structure was chosen very carefully to reflect and inspire both the lofty aspirations & ideals of it's community, and the need to get a really big tract of land relatively cheaply.

Though not endorsed, promoted, or encouraged by the Giants in any way, you can rest assured that they at least don't seem at all upset by it, since all the Icons on site function mostly properly, especially when money is tithed.

We hope that you, and your children Glitchen learn from this monolithic structure of hard work and determination- not from the school of hard knocks and alienated confusion.

Again, Great Sponsor, I thank you.
The community thanks you,
and this overpriced sheet of paper would, I'm sure- if it could- give you it's warmest regards...

Biofellis, founder of Newbtopia.